How to apply

Application is super easy!


Every order we send out will include a print out of the above instructions (click here to download a copy) and you can also watch the demos that show you just how quick and easy it is for you to apply! 



Watch our vinyl sticker application demo below:



What surfaces can they be applied to?

These stickers are so versatile it’s hard to list all surfaces that they can stick to. As long as the surface is flat and clean they stick to almost anywhere! We have listed some of the popular ones below to help.

If you are really unsure about it just message us with your address and we will send you out a free sample to try it.


Acceptable surfaces:

  • Glass
  • Metals (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Vehicles (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Vinyl (such as banners, canopies, flags, etc.)
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Wood (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Painted Surfaces (Paint must be smooth and glossy, vinyl will not stick to oxidized, faded, or peeling paint)

Not recommended:

  • Cement (However some customers have experimented on very smooth paving with success!)
  • Raw Lumber
  • Oxidized or faded paint
  • Peeling paint
  • Rubber
  • Raw Metals
  • Oily Surface


Don’t forget we are here to give you a great simple vinyl wall art experience, so if you are still finding it hard after reading the instructions & watching the video please feel free to contact us and we will do every thing in our power to help you.