Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have been making, designing and supplying decal wall stickers we have been asked loads of different questions and had fun experimenting to see what surfaces work best.

We love hearing from our customers but to save you time we have put together some of the frequently asked questions which offer some great help and advice to get you started


Q - What are wall stickers and wall decals?

Our wall stickers and wall decals are made from the best quality vinyl, and are specifically made to be easily removable. They take minutes to apply and will transform your home or office space. You pick the design and colour to suite your room, walls, windows and even your car. There are endless possibilities!


Q - Are wall stickers easy to remove?

Yes our stickers are very easy to remove. Apply a little heat to the sticker with the use of a hairdryer for example, and then simply peel away from the wall. See our videos in the how to remove section.


Q - Can I Combine Postage?

Combined postage if required is always available on request, just message us and we will help you out right away.


Q - Do they damage my walls?

Some companies say that their wall stickers will not damage walls?! The truth is no company can guarantee that as it will depend on the age and quality of the surface the sticker is being applied to. We recommend the following suitability tests as a guide -


Q - How do I test if my wall is suitable?

The quickest, easiest test is to take a piece of masking tape and stick it to your wall. Place a few pieces of masking tape on the area you are wanting to decorate. Leave on for a few days.

You are testing two things:

  1. If the masking tape falls off straight away then your paint surface may not be ideal for wall stickers
  2. If you peel off the masking tape and some of the paint comes away with it, then there is a possibility that the paint will come off when you remove the wall stickers.


Q - How can I minimize damage to my walls on removal?

When removing wall stickers, you need to heat the vinyl with a hair dryer. This loosens the adhesive and softens the vinyl you can watch an easy tutorial in our how to remove section.

We are working with suppliers currently to source reusable vinyl as a future option so do get in touch if this is something you would be interested in.


Q - Can you make me one that's not on your website?

Definitely - In fact this is our absolute favourite part of the job! We love hearing from people with their own ideas and love making your vision come to life. Just message us with your ideas and requirements or complete the form on the create you own page and we'll get back to you in a flash!


Q - What surfaces can they be applied to?

These stickers are so versatile it’s hard to list all surfaces that they can stick to, as long as the surface is flat and clean they stick to almost anywhere. We have listed some of the popular ones below to help. It's also worth a look at our blog and customer pages for unusual inspiration!

If you are really unsure, just message us with your address and we will send you out a free sample to try out!


Acceptable surfaces:

  • Glass
  • Metals (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Vehicles (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Vinyl (such as banners, canopies, flags, etc.)
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Wood (must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel)
  • Painted Surfaces (Paint must be smooth and glossy, vinyl will not stick to oxidized, faded, or peeling paint)

Not recommended surfaces:

  • Cement (However some customers have experimented on very smooth paving with success!)
  • Raw Lumber
  • Oxidized or faded paint
  • Peeling paint
  • Rubber
  • Raw Metals
  • Oily Surface


Please message us if these questions don’t cover what you are looking for! We are always happy to help and discuss your specific needs.